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The main Bonded Warehouse is located at Calle Motores nº 25-27 in Barcelona and has a traffic office.

A Bonded Warehouse in Palma de Mallorca at Carretera de Soller, km. 3, with parking for tank vehicles.

A Bonded Warehouse in Menorca, at Calle Bélgica, 8 Mahón.

A Bonded Warehouse in Montornés del Vallés, at Avenida Can Perellada, s/nº.

A Bonded Warehouse in Utrera, Seville, at Carretera Utrera-Los Palacios, km 3,300.

The administrative office is located at Ronda Sant Antoni, 52 in Barcelona.


Ten tractors (six Volvo, four Iveco)

Five, three-axle rigid trucks (three Iveco, one DAF, one Volvo)

Four trucks with lift gate and crane

One truck with lift gate (one Iveco)

Eighteen semi-trailers with three axles, 30 cages and 1050 bottles

Forty one semi-trailers with three axles, 26 cages and 910 bottles

Five trailers with three axles and 20 cages

Two trailers with two axles and 20 cages

Three semi-trailers with three axles with shipping containers

Five semi-trailers with three box axles

Two semi-trailers Taulines with three axles

Seven propane tank semi-trailers

Three tank containers